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"No Birds" by Fred Firth

Robin Schwartz

Robin Schwartz

"Fragile Boy" by Deep Jew

Here’s a new blog I’m starting about songs that I love accompanied by my rambling. Maybe with some artifacts if I have any. http://musicsgreatesthits.tumblr.com/


Check it: http://noisey.vice.com/de/you-need-to-hear-this/exklusive-videopremiere-emperor-x—-hms-blank-mediterranean-chlorinated-lyrics-mix

Vice/Noisey Deutschland just posted this lyrics vid for the new song I put up yesterday (a song which you can order on vinyl HERE:

oh hey, i filmed this in my backyard! it turned out pretty good

Dream Caste at Bridgetown on the fourth of July

new song by taxa, really good, really fun. scream 90s punk vibe

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"the luckiest girl on the highway" by daddys hands from the album intelligent and powerful (june 1996)

"…i’m going down on the uncle in a dress he made"

"southern" drone

you are my everlovin’ by henry flynt

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On May 13th UCSD campus will be voting on a budget proposal to cut funding which will remove necessary expenses for the Che Cafe space to remain open and operating. Please follow the link and sign the petition to stop this proposal.

Please re blog.

Sign it!!!

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found in Pasadena 2014

found in Pasadena 2014

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Kicking Giant surprise reunion in Portland last year! what the fuck

Dream Caste at Nux Fest in San Luis Obispo

the Exxopolis luminarium in Long Beach, Ca April 2013

the Exxopolis luminarium in Long Beach, Ca April 2013